Two problems in hotel supplies purchasing

2021-07-06  423

In recent years, many developers have begun to switch to tourism real estate. At the same time, with the increasing demand for domestic tourism and travel, China's hotel industry is booming. According to the data, it is estimated that by 2016, the number of rooms in China's star rated hotels will increase from 2 million to 5 million. Currently, there are 1700 star rated hotels under construction in China. According to data, the scale of procurement in recent years has exceeded 1.1 trillion yuan.

It can be seen that China's hotel purchasing industry is very prosperous. What should hotels pay attention to when purchasing?

How to choose hotel supplies?

The mainstream of hotel supplies in the future is safety and health, energy conservation and environmental protection, scientific and technological innovation and exquisite beauty. In addition, hotels need to pay attention to brand when purchasing hotel supplies. Purchasing managers should choose carefully among many hotel supplies enterprises. They should not only meet the above four trends, but also provide influential hotel supplies enterprises.

How to control purchasing cost?

Nowadays, the competition of hotel industry is becoming more and more global. In order to be invincible in the competition, we should improve the existing backward cost management methods. Hotel procurement management is an important part of hotel cost control. The main purpose of cost reduction is to find out and reduce unnecessary costs, and make the most effective allocation and utilization of costs without affecting product quality.

Some people in the industry have put forward a six step strategy

(1) Establish raw material purchasing plan and approval process

(2) Establish a strict purchasing inquiry and quotation system

(3) Establish strict purchasing inspection system

(4) Establish a strict loss reporting system

(5) Strictly control the inventory of purchased materials

(6) Establish a strict system of warehousing and receiving

The purchase of hotel supplies is also an important link in the hotel operation. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of hotel procurement cost control, which is conducive to improving the service quality and economic benefits of the hotel.