Knowledge of hotel cleaning

2021-07-06  429

A hotel from development to success, in addition to the need for good service quality and perfect equipment and facilities, the hotel cleaning and maintenance work is also an important link that can not be ignored.

It not only reflects the ability of the hotel management, but also relates to the success or failure of the hotel.

In fact, the hotel customers' evaluation of the hotel cleaning and maintenance has no exact and rational measurement index. It is more about the sensory feeling of the guests in the hotel, and the hotel lobby is the facade of the hotel.

The paving of the lobby floor, the decoration of the surrounding environment and the decoration of the decorations are often related to the first impression of the hotel to the guests. The lobby has a large passenger flow, and the floor, furniture and decorations are easily polluted by dust. How to do a good job in cleaning and maintenance of these aspects directly reflects the image and service quality of the hotel.

To keep the floor clean, bright and spotless, it is necessary to wax and maintain the hard floor. Wax water can effectively fill the invisible micropores of the floor, prevent the invasion of stains, and form an effective protective film on the surface of the floor, which can not only prevent water and dust, but also prevent the expensive stone floor from being damaged due to friction, The result of polishing and waxing the floor is that it can make the floor feel bright, clean, luxurious and generous.

In order to keep the waxed floor clean and bright for a long time, dust-proof and waterproof carpet should be laid at the entrance of the hotel lobby, which can not only bring dust and sewage partition into the lobby, but also increase the specification and elegance of the lobby. In addition, the dust and sewage brought into the lobby by the guests will be cleaned up in time with electrostatic dust push and rag every shift every day, so as to achieve a more perfect cleaning effect. The specific method is: the ground is thoroughly cleaned, waxed and polished, dusted, waxed and polished, dusted, and the ground will always be bright and clean with the circulation work of fixed quality every day.

During the construction of the hotel, we should pay attention to the ground protection, lay protective materials on the surface, carefully clean after the construction, re polish and wax. As long as we insist on the cleaning and recycling maintenance of the ground, the hotel will always give the guests a comfortable, generous and fresh feeling.